I'm Ze-qing WANG (王泽卿).

BSc MPhil

Seize the day, and do what you are passionate about.

Currently, i’m a graduate student in the SCHOOL OF COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, Sun Yat-sen University as a member of HCP Lab, advised by Associate Professor Keze Wang. My research interest recently relates to VLM(Vision Language Model), Audio-Driven Animation and other cross-modal models.

Before that, I obtained my Bachelor degree in Software Engineering(Pilot Program in Engineering) from Jilin University. In my undergraduate studies, I did research on bioinformatics under the supervision of Professor Fengfeng Zhou. At the same time, I also worked on software development (Android, .Net, SpringBoot, Django etc.) and Re-id problem under the supervision of Professor Xiaosong Han. I am truly fortunate to be guided by two kind professors :>!

Contact me via:
Mail: wangzeqing1005[AT]163.com or wangzq73[AT]mail2.sysu.edu.cn

What's new:

[12/2023] One paper about Audio Driven 3D Facial Animation is accepted by AAAI2024(CCF A)!
[10/2023] One paper about Re-id problem is accepted by "Pattern Recognition Letters"(PRL, CCF C)!
[10/2022] I won Jilin Bank Wang Xiang-hao scholarship!
[09/2022] I am successfully admitted to Sun Yat-sen University as MPhil in Computer Science and Technology!
[12/2021] One paper(chinese) is accepted by "Computer Science"(CCF B, chinese), this is my first paper!


CSE, Sun Yat-sen University
Master of Computer Science and Technology.(Sept. 2023 - Now)
MLE intern in avatar.(Oct. 2022 - April. 2023)
College Of Software, Jilin University
Bachelor of Software Engineering.(Sept. 2019 - Jun. 2023)
Zhengzhou No.7 Middle School
Middle School.(Sept. 2013 - Jun. 2019)


"Towards Top-Down Reasoning: An Explainable Multi-Agent Approach for Visual Question Answering"
Zeqing Wang, Wentao Wan, Qiqing Lao, Runmeng Chen, Minjie Lang, Keze Wang and Liang Lin Submitted.
"Mimic: Speaking Style Disentanglement for Speech-Driven 3D Facial Animation"
Hui Fu, Zeqing Wang, Ke Gong, Keze Wang, Tianshui Chen, Haojie Li, Haifeng Zeng and Wenxiong Kang. AAAI 2024(CCF-A).
[Project Page]
"E3ID: An Efficient End to End Person Search Model"
Siyang Wang, Yanchun Liang, Ao Li, Zeqing Wang and Xiaosong Han. Pattern Recognition Letters(CCF-C).
"A Novel College Entrance Filling Recommendation Algorithm Based on Score Line Prediction and Multi-feature Fusion"
Zeqing Wang, Shengpeng Ji, Xin Li, Zixuan Zhao, Pengxu Wang, Xiaosong Han. Computer Science(Chinese, CCF-B).
[Paper] [Github]

Selected Honors

Outstanding graduate of Jilin University by Jilin University.2023
Jilin Bank Wang Xianghao Scholarship(The highest honor of the college) by Jilin Bank & Jilin University.2022
CASC Scholarship (15 students/14 schools) by CASC Committee.2022
Individual Scholarship Of Jilin University by Jilin University.2021 & 2022
Outstanding Student Of College of Software by Jilin University.2020 & 2021 & 2022
First Class Scholarship Of Jilin University (Top5%) by Jilin University.2020 & 2021 & 2023


I am a fan of Team WE, the team of LPL. So, lol is a part of my life.

Apart from games, i often play badminton though sports is difficult for me.

Same, a noob in playing fingerstyle guitar.

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