Mimic: Speaking Style Disentanglement for Speech-Driven 3D Facial Animation

Hui Fu1,3, Zeqing Wang2, Ke Gong3, Keze Wang2, Tianshui Chen4, Haojie Li3, Haifeng Zeng3, Wenxiong Kang1
1South China University of Technology, 2Sun Yat-sen University, 3X-ERA.ai, 4Guangdong University of Technology
AAAI 2024

To better evaluate the qualitative results produced by competitors (VOCA, MeshTalk, FaceFormer, CodeTalker, and Imitator) and our Mimic, we provide a supplemental video for demonstration and comparison.


Speech-driven 3D facial animation aims to synthesize vivid facial animations that accurately synchronize with speech and match the unique speaking style. However, existing works primarily focus on achieving precise lip synchronization while neglecting to model the subject-specific speaking style, often resulting in unrealistic facial animations. To the best of our knowledge, this work makes the first attempt to explore the coupled information between the speaking style and the semantic content in facial motions. Specifically, we introduce an innovative speaking style disentanglement method, which enables arbitrary-subject speaking style encoding and leads to a more realistic synthesis of speech-driven facial animations. Subsequently, we propose a novel framework called Mimic to learn disentangled representations of the speaking style and content from facial motions by building two latent spaces for style and content, respectively. Moreover, to facilitate disentangled representation learning, we introduce four well-designed constraints: an auxiliary style classifier, an auxiliary inverse classifier, a content contrastive loss, and a pair of latent cycle losses, which can effectively contribute to the construction of the identity-related style space and semantic-related content space. Extensive qualitative and quantitative experiments conducted on three publicly available datasets demonstrate that our approach outperforms state-of-the-art methods and is capable of capturing diverse speaking styles for speech-driven 3D facial animation.


Illustration of Mimic that learns two disentangled latent spaces for style and content, respectively.


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