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Zeqing Wang, Wentao Wan, Qiqing Lao, Runmeng Chen, Minjie Lang, Keze Wang and Liang Lin.
"Mimic: Speaking Style Disentanglement for Speech-Driven 3D Facial Animation",
Hui Fu, Zeqing Wang, Ke Gong, Keze Wang, Tianshui Chen, Haojie Li, Haifeng Zeng and Wenxiong Kang.
The 38th Annual AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence(AAAI 2024).
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"E3ID: An Efficient End to End Person Search Model",
Siyang Wang, Yanchun Liang, Ao Li, Zeqing Wang and Xiaosong Han.
Pattern Recognition Letters(PRL).
"A Novel College Entrance Filling Recommendation Algorithm Based on Score Line Prediction and Multi-feature Fusion",
Zeqing Wang, Shengpeng Ji, Xin Li, Zixuan Zhao, Pengxu Wang, Xiaosong Han.
Computer Science (计算机科学).
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